In 1970, Mattel intoduced the Hot Wheels Club in advertisements on the back of blisterpacks and catalogs. Hot Wheels fans
were enticed to join the club with a picture of a chrome-plated "Mustang Boss Hoss," exclusively provided to club members
only. You could join the club for the insanely low price of $1.00, and if you did, you got not only the car, but also got the
1970 Hot Wheels "Annual," a sheet of Hot Wheels stickers, and iron-on, membership card, membership certificate, and
metal badge showing the "Silver Special" car. Who wouldn't join for a dollar?
While never shown in ads for the club, two other chrome club cars were also produced - the Heavy Chevy and King Kuda.
Most members got a Boss Hoss, however, judging by the number of these cars that are around today compared to the
number of chrome Kudas and Chevys that are seen. All three club cars were made with white and black plastic interiors.
Spectraflame colored Heavy Chevy and King Kuda cars were already part of the 1970 lineup, and The Boss Hoss was later
released as a main line car in 1971.
An opportunity to join the Hot Wheels Club - from the back of the 1970
International Collectors Catalog, and on the back of a 1970 Canadian blister pack
(click to enlarge). Note the "small number" pre-production door sticker A
green-over-chrome Boss Hoss; Interior color variationson the Boss Hoss.
Kids who joined the Hot Wheels Club received the "Club Kit" box (below), containing the Siler Special car, club button, decal
sheet (below right), iron-on decal, membership certificate, and Hot Wheels Annual magazine.  When Mattel could not supply
enough Club Kits, they mailed new members an envelope (shown at lower left) a letter indicating that their car would be sent
Apparently there was later a glut of sorts for the boxed club kits, as some of them were later sold in stores. Also, of
particular interest to collectors, some of the excess chrome Boss Hoss, Heavy Chevy and King Kuda cars were painted over
with spectraflame colored paint, and sold in blisterpacks. These "over chrome" cars are quite brilliant, and are highly prized.
Also prized by collectors are the very rare chrome Heavy Chevy and King Kuda club cars packaged in foreign blisterpacks.
A green-over-chrome Boss Hoss; Interior color variations
Click to enlarge
A couple of super-rare chrome club cars in foreign blisterpacks. The King Kuda is in a German blister pack (courtesy
littletoycars.com), and the Heavy Chevy is in a UK pack. Note that the King Kuda came with a Boss Hoss club button rather
than a King Kuda button.
Another insanely rare item - this King Kuda club car was packaged with a Shelby Turbine in a Hot Wheels "2-Pak."
An original Club Kit box - sealed shut since 1970!