What is a spoiler?

Let’s look it up:

    1. One who seizes spoils or booty.

    2. Something that causes spoilage.

    3.  a) A long, narrow hinged plate on the upper surface of an airplane wing that reduces lift and increases drag when
         raised. 3b. An air deflector mounted usually at the rear of an automobile to reduce lift at high speeds.

    4. A candidate for office whose chances of winning are slight but who may get enough votes to prevent one of the
        leading candidates from winning.

    5. A post to a newsgroup that divulges information intended to be a surprise, such as a plot twist in a movie.

We are concerned with definition number
3b here. A spoiler for our purposes is an airfoil that sticks up at the back of a car
that is designed to be driven at high speeds. It limits lift of the car and thus makes it slightly faster. A spoiler does increase
drag somewhat.

This web site is dedicated to appreciation of Hot Wheels “Spoilers” 1/64 scale toy cars, which were made in the early
1970s. All of the “Spoilers” cars have a rear spoiler added to the basic body design
There were eight different models that Mattel produced from 1970 to 1972 which were part of the Spoilers series:
Heavy Chevy
Nitty Gritty Kitty
King Kuda
Light My Firebird
Boss Hoss
Sugar Caddy
Evil Weevil
These all have certain common features, including front and rear spoilers or airfoils, huge exposed engines with no hoods,
and were decorated with large round racing numbers on both sides of the car. The stickers were applied to the cars prior to
packaging them in blisterpacks. All of the Spoilers were packaged with a small sheet of water decals under the car, which
were miniature versions of commonly seen racing emblems such as Valvoline, Champion, Hurst, Goodyear, Firestone, and
others. Kids often put these on their Spoilers (and everywhere else), but adult collectors tend to like loose Spoilers without
water decals applied. Spoilers all had “redline” (i.e. redwall tires) wheels, like other Hot Wheels of the era.
A Spoilers water decal sheet
Toward the end of the redline era, the Heavy Chevy (1974-1977) and Boss Hoss (1975; re-named "Mustang Stocker") were
re-released, but with markedly different looks. These later versions of the cars lacked the “spectraflame” paint jobs of the
original Spoilers, and were issued without the racing stripe and door number stickers as well. The later cars initially retained
the redline tires, but some were later issued with plain “blackwall” wheels. The post-1972 cars are not Spoilers, and
therefore they are outside the scope of this site. Nevertheless, the later redline Heavy Chevy and  Mustang Stocker cars
are highly collectible and some are valued higher in mint condition than their Spoiler counterparts.
A rare "alternate" green Heavy Chevy from 1974 and a white Mustang Stocker from 1975 - a pair of Spoiler
wantabes.  The standard body color for both of these cars was yellow.  Photos courtesy of Doug Phillips.
Hot Wheels cars that appeared on special blister pack cards with the “Spoilers” artwork were only on sale for a short time –
primarily from 1970 to 1971, and a bit into 1972. It is likely that a few still found on the shelves in the few years after 1972.
Spoilers had their own style of packaging which differed from conventional Hot Wheels blister cards.
The original Hot Wheels blisterpack (left) and Spoilers version (right)