The Spoilers cars were all produced in Hong Kong, and packaged with racing stripes and door number stickers (roundels)
already attached.  Thus, for the Spoilers, there is no such thing as an original "sticker sheet", unlike those that were
produced for many other Hot Wheels cars of the era.  For cars that have missing or damaged stickers, the only option is to
use stickers from original donor car Spoilers, or to use replacement stickers.

Replacement stickers for Spoilers are available from a number of sources, which can dress up your old cars.  The bad
news is that virtually all of the Spoilers door stickers that are for sale are immediately recognizable as replacements. This is
because few people have taken the time to carefully match the typeface used for the original stickers, and because most of
the modern stickers have been computer generated, and not printed in the manner in which the original stickers were. An
example of a car bearing original door stickers (left) and reproduction (Hot Heads) vinyl stickers (right) can be seen below.
I don't know where the door number stickers below came from, but they are clearly not original. Also, a bright white door
sticker on a car that has obvious play wear like the Light-My-Firebird on the right is ususally a giveaway.
A pair of repainted TNT-birds with reproduction door and racing stripe stickers
The following individuals and companies sell replacement door stickers for Spoilers:
The dealers above also sell replacement racing stripe stickers for all of the cars. Again, the experienced collector can
usually tell these from originals. This is particularly true of the stripes that adorn the trunk of King Kudas.

Occasionally one sees a car, usually a TNT-Bird, that has door stickers that look a little different, in that the black number is
noticeably smaller than that which is usually seen. These "small number" stickers are certainly original since they are seen
on cars in unopened blister packs. The two cars below have small number door stickers.
A pair of TNT-Birds with original small number door stickers
A carded aqua TNT-Bird with small number door stickers
A Nitty Gritty Kitty sporting small number door stickers
Replacement redline wheels have been getting better and better. For my money the ones that came from Brightvision were
the best, but they are now out of business.  The Redline Shop and Sizzlers-Hotline (links above) make very convincing redline
wheels for your cars. Spoilers all came with 2 "medium" wheels up front, and 2 "large" redline wheels in the back. The 1970
cars all came with "bearing" style wheels, although some Boss Hoss club cars have "capped" wheels. Colored Boss Hoss cars
came with both bearing and capped wheels, but the other two 1971-1972 cars (Sugar Caddy, Evil Weevil) only had capped
wheels.  Replacement engines for cars can be found at
Mini Motors Custom Diecast Shop.
Interior Color Variations
Most spoilers came with either white (including cream/off-white) and dark (including silver-grey) plastic interiors, but there
are some exceptions. In particular, many Sugar Caddies have been found with only dark or white interiors. See below for a
table showing which cars are known with white, dark, or both types of interiors. Based upon the data in the table below, if
you are a collector of Spoilers by color you will likely be looking for around 92 cars to complete your collection. If you collect
interior color variations as well, there are at least 171 cars for you to find!