Prototypes of original redlines from the late 1960s and early 1970s are extremely rare and valuable, generally costing
thousands of dollars for a single car. Spoiler prototypes have been found painted in various colors, and in some cases are
unpainted. While all regular production Spoilers have light blue windshield "glass," prototypes of these cars have clear
windshields. Some also have unpained grills, and altered base designs.

Pre-production/prototype cars can be seen in the Hot Wheels 1970 and 1971 catalogs, and the Hot Wheels Annual which
was included with the Hot Wheels Club membership kit. Images of these cars can be seen on the Just For Fun page. For
more information on prototypes of Hot Wheels, visit
Boss Hoss prototypes
Heavy Chevy prototypes
Evil Weevil prototypes
Light-My-Firebird prototypes
King Kuda prototypes
TNT-bird prototypes
Group Shots
Nitty Gritty Kitty prototypes
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Sugar Caddy prototypes